Serving St Louis Missouri with DSLR time-lapse photography and HD timelapse construction project documentation

DSLR Time-lapse Photography for Project Documentation

Document your next construction project from start to finish. Peak View provides a turn key solution and manage all aspects of documenting your next project! Our HD time-lapse photography service includes all equipment, installation, setup, maintenance, removal and final time-lapse video rendering.

Peaks View LLC can documenting your next project regardless of its duration, from a project lasting just a few hours to a project lasting several years. Our camera system utilizes a high resolution 10 Mega-pixel digital SLR or DSLR camera that can be programmed to take as little as one photography per day or as frequently as one every 5 seconds.

Wind Turbine Blade Change:
Project Length: 2 days
Time-lapse: Wind Turbine Blade Change

Time-lapse: Air Dome Rises Time-lapse: Boy Scout Food Drive Time-lapse: Gatorade Promo Truck
   Air Dome Inflated
   Food Drive Delivery
   Gatorade Promo Truck

  • Complete project documentation from start to finish
  • No equipment to buy or maintain
  • System can double as a security camera
  • No external power required (great for remote sites)
  • Virtual camera pan and tilt (allows action to be followed)
Services offered:
  • Free no obligation quote.
  • Equipment setup, programming, installation and removal
  • Monthly equipment cleaning and servicing
  • Image retrieval from camera
  • Image storage on redundant server
  • Time lapse movie of your project as shown above
  • Time lapse movie can be formatted for High Definition 1080p 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Custom built website with unique URL (updated monthly or as required)
  • Copyright licensing of images and movie for advertising/marketing
Time-lapse camera system:
  • High resolution professional digital SLR camera (NOT a web-cam)
  • HD 1080p, 2K & 4K recording capable
  • High capacity memory card for image storage
  • Programmable camera controller (sets image capture frequency)
  • High capacity all weather batteries
  • Professional security camera housing
  • Mounting hardware
Camera mounting requirements:
  • Client will need to provide a suitable location for mounting camera
  • Camera can be mounted to a power pole or adjacent building rooftop
  • Ideally the camera should face north, least desirable is a south facing camera
  • Location should be sufficiently secure to avoid vandalism or theft
  • Camera system should be accessible as service is required monthly

Determining the final time-lapse video length:

The final length of your time-lapse video is determined by the project length multiplied by the image capture frequency divided by the movie frame rate. For example, on a typical long term project (1 year) the time-lapse camera is set to capture one image every ten minutes for a 10 hour day. This will yield 60 images per day (6 photos/hour x 10 hours). On a five day work week 300 photos will be captured (5 days x 60 photos/day). Over the course of 1 year a total of 15,600 photos will be captured (52 weeks x 300 photos/week). If the video playback frame rate is set to 30 frames or photos per second the video length will be 8 minutes 66 seconds (15,600 photos ÷ 30 photos/second ÷ 60 seconds).

The final video can by shortened or lengthened by varying the time-lapse cameras capture frequency or the video playback frame rate to achieve the desired length.


St Louis Time-lapse
by: Peaks View LLC
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